There are already a number of Rupert Holmes Bios and Interviews on the Internet. Here are links to just a few of them:

  • At a recent seminar at The Dramatist Guild, Rupert was interviewed and spoke extensively about his early career in the recording industry, his first hit recordings, and his successes as a playwright, screeenwriter and novelist.
  • A recent feature on Rupert in New York Magazine tells a lot about his life and work.
    • Joanne Johnson of gives a brief
      history of Rupert's career leading up to his first novel,
  • ArtistDirect has a brief Bio written by Kim Summers.
  • The BBC's Top Of The Pops also gives a short Rupert Holmes bio.
  • Linda Young's REMEMBER WENN website also features some
    News Updates on Rupert's projects.

Check here in the months to come for our own "semi-official" biography covering Rupert's incredibly eclectic career.



Playbill Magazine: Celebrity Buzz
Brief Encounter with Rupert Holmes

Rupert's "Ten Question Q&A" for record label Fynsworth Alley ("WIDESCREEN: THE COLLECTOR'S EDITION") ... including his feelings about a personal tragedy he addressed there for the very first time.