We hope to eventually have some more images and reminiscences (perhaps even some music!) from Rupert Holmes about this obscure motion picture for which he composed underscore and theme songs while still in his early twenties. Rupert himself has called it "an Italian western made in America." Its storyline apparently is similar to a film made a few years later called "Chato's Land" starring Charles Bronson. "Five Savage Men" (aka "The Animals," "Les 5 Visages de la Vengeance," "Los Cinco Hombres Salvajes," "Bes Vahsi Adam," among several other alternate titles) starred movie veterans Keenan Wynn, Henry Silva, John Anderson, Pepper Martin, and Joe Turkel. Its female lead was Michele Carey, best known for the Frank Sinatra movie "Dirty Dingus Magee" and the Elvis Presley flick "Live a Little, Love a Little."

Rupert also sings the movie's love song, "There's So Little Time," both in the middle of the movie and over the end titles. He tells us he was chosen to be the vocalist primarily because the movie didn't have enough money in the budget to pay someone to do it. The song may appear on an upcoming CD release.

We're very grateful to Joanne Johnson (from, who located these lobby card images and shared them with us.

Here's a link to the movie's Internet Movie Database's listing.