RememberWENN at Library of Congress

Mary Pickford Theater

Film Schedule: April-August 2007

Wednesday, August 8 (7:00pm)

Remember WENN. Klondike 9336 (Turtleback Productions/AMC, 1/13/1996). Dir Juan Jose Campanella. Created and Written by Rupert Holmes. With Tom Beckett, George Hall, Margaret Hall, Dina Spybey, Melinda Mullins, John Bedford Lloyd, Bob Dorian. (30 min, color, U-matic video)

Remember WENN. Sight Unseen (Turtleback Productions/AMC, 6/1/1996). Dir Juan Jose Campanella. Created and Written by Rupert Holmes. With Tom Beckett, Carolee Carmello, George Hall, Margaret Hall, Melinda Mullins, Molly Ringwald. (30 min, color, U-matic video)

Homefront. SNAFU (Roundelay/ABC, 9/24/1991). Dir Ron Lagomarsino. Wrt Bernard Lechowick, Lynn Marie Latham. With Wendy Phillips, Mimi Kennedy, Hattie Winston, Jessica Steen, Montrose Hagins. (68 min, color, U-matic video)

Two episodes of the cable TV series Remember WENN and the pilot episode of ABC’s Homefront make up the entertainment for this evening of nostalgia television. The first is a witty, easygoing sitcom set in a 1939 Pittsburgh radio station; the second, a dramatic look at the changed lives of ordinary citizens and returning soldiers in the aftermath of World War II. Both shows won several Emmy Awards for costuming, makeup and writing, but struggled to win viewers.

The two Remember WENN episodes represent well the creator Rupert Holmes’ wit and style, a mix of kitschy slapstick and bittersweet nostalgia. In Klondike 9366 , AMC host Bob Dorian guest stars as a WENN sponsor backing a new type of radio program: the late-night call in show. Hosted by station lothario Jeffrey Singer and bubbly newcomer Celia Mellon (two L’s, as in Andrew W. Mellon – the local billionaire), "It’s Your Nickel" may be what finally puts Pittsburgh radio on the map… if only they can afford to stay on the air. In Sight Unseen , Molly Ringwald guests as blind "Angela from Avalon", a devoted listener to Mackie Bloom’s romantic "Vagabond". She would like nothing more than to dance in the arms of her favorite radio star: a man more handsome than Clark Gable, Gary Cooper and Ronald Colman combined…or is he?

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