Link to WENN video clip at Kevin O'Rourke's website

Link to The Internet Movie Database's complete REMEMBER WENN listing.

… created and written by Rupert Holmes, this critically-hailed, Emmy Award-winning 'dramedy' for the American Movie Classics network about a struggling Pittsburgh radio station just before World War II has attracted many of Broadway's biggest stars and brightest talents. Holmes also composed the show's theme, its songs and its poignant underscore over the course of its four seasons.

Nothing we might construct here could improve upon Linda Young’s amazing REMEMBER WENN website.

Here's a remarkably inventive and insightful REMEMBER WENN site created by Rodney Walker which features excellent audio clips and interesting images, as well as Rodney's detailed "Walkthroughs" of the third and fourth seasons.

At either of the two sites, you will find many additional links to some truly inspired REMEMBER WENN websites and a realm of "fanfiction" which extend the lives and adventures of Rupert's characters.

Holmes' "REMEMBER WENN" classic "You Make It Christmas" is the title song of Gloria Loring's new CD.

An episode guide with interesting summaries of many of the episodes can also be found within the "TV Tome" website (we looked it up and "tome" means "a large and scholarly book"). Once there, click on "Next Episode" to move through the episodes or click on the "Episode List" to all the 56 episodes, from which you can click on individual titles.

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