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Rupert Holmes Photo with Kevin Bacon at Woodstock Film FestivalRupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes in Westchester Magazine Ruper Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes composing circa 2005 Ruper Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes & Jill Paice (Tony Awards Night)Rupert Holmes Photo in People Magazine March 1980Rupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes recording Timothy circa 1969Rupert Holmes Cover Image Christmas at The Mysterious BookshopRupert Holmes Photo with John Kander - @ TonysRupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes at Drama Desk Awards Rupert Holmes in New York MagazineRupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes with David Hyde Pierce and John Kander (Papermill Playhouse - Curtains(large)Rupert Holmes Image (CD Collection Cover - Cast of Characters)thumbnails/rupert_holmes_rob_ashford_johnRupert Holmes Photo with Rob Ashford and John Kander at TonysRupert Holmes Photo at Curtains rehearsalthumbnails/rupert_holmes_on_a_raven_s_wing.jpgRupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes with Colin Firth and Kevin Bacon on film set (Where The Truth Lies) Rupert Holmes Photo with Kevin Bacon on set (Where The Truth Lies) Rupert Holmes Photos - Book Cover (Where The Truth Lies - 1st ed. U.S. paperback) Rupert Holmes Photo with Alison Lohman (Where The Truth Lies)Rupert Holmes Photos - Rupert with Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth on set (Where The Truth Lies)Rupert Holmes Photo with Bob Hope Rupert Holmes Photo with Barbra Streisand Rupert Holmes Photo with Jean Stapleton (during production of Edwin Drood) Rupert Holmes Photo with Dudley Moore, Charles Durning, Michael McKean, and Pamela BrullRupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes with Jason AlexanderRupert Holmes Photo with Paul McCartney Rupert Holmes Photos - Rupert Holmes, Epic Records 1975 Rupert Holmes Photos (Broadway 2006) Rupert Holmes Photos (London Canals 1975)Rupert Holmes Photos, Elektra Records StillRupert Holmes Wins Tony AwardsRupert Holmes Photos, Image / Caricature New Yorker Magazinethumbnails/rupert_holmesRupert Holmes circa age 11Rupert Holmes (Caesar's Palace logo)Rupert Holmes circa 1975Rupert Holmes (Eighties photo)Rupert Holmes Photos - Rupert in the studio Rupert Holmes Photos - Rupert singing (Him) Rupert Holmes Photo At Sardis, Say Goodnight Gracie Rupert Holmes Photos - Greatest Hits Cover ImageRupert Holmes - Pursuit Of HappinessRupert Holmes, Epic Records - New York CityRupert Holmes Photo - Outside Mediasound StudiosRupert Holmes by Plaza Hotel, NYC circa 1976

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