"If crowds roaring their appreciation at a final curtain guarantee a long run, Stacy Keach may have found in 'Solitary Confinement' his biggest break since 'Deathtrap.' Rupert Holmes' new Broadway play and Ira Levin's old one are similar in that they're both thrillers happy to provide audiences with a few hours of suspense sprinkled with a couple of jolting surprises."


... all about Holmes' tour de force for actor Stacy Keach, which broke the box office record for a non-musical at The Kennedy Center. A technically challenging play, it is having a first-class revival at The American Heartland Theatre in Kansas City with the noteworthy Mark Robbins in the lead. Here is a review of their opening.

Owing to the theatrical trickery contained within the play and the need to preserve its secrets and surprises, a copy of SOLITARY CONFINEMENT (and the right to perform it) can only be obtained via The Holmes Line. Click here to make any inquiries regarding this work.

Upcoming & Recent SOLITARY CONFINEMENT Productions:

Paradise Playhouse's SOLITARY CONFINEMENT opens July 28 (Excelsior Springs, MO).

Stage Coach Theatre's SOLITARY CONFINEMENT opens August 29 (Boise, ID).


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