ART IN HEAVEN by Rupert Holmes

BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD by Jay Tarses and Richard Dresser

THE ASSISTANT by Richard Dresser

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christopher murney in ART IN HEAVEN

What if the things you pray for just aren't quite important enough for the "big guy?" Cost cutting and re-organization hits heaven and two low level divinities step in to take up the slack.Starring Maddie Corman, Matthew Arkin and Christopher Murney.

Directed by Jace Alexander.

mark blum and janet zarish in BREAKFAST IN HOLLYWOOD.

Mark Blum plays Jay, a "sit-com legend" who meets and greets a very hungry New York Playwright played by Kevin O'Rourke. Also starring Janet Zarish as "the waitress."

Directed by Jay Tarses.

lee wilkof and jamie proctor in THE ASSISTANT

Paul Cappelli needs a new assistant and Barbara could be just the thing. Lee Wilkof stars as a terrified middle management executive who may have found the answer to his paranoia in this smart, no nonsense assistant played by Jamie Proctor.

Directed by Kevin O'Rourke

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