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Created and developed by Rupert Holmes, who was also the scriptwriter, co-producer, and composer of original songs and background music for the series.

After the fatuous “New York” humor of network programming like Seinfeld and Friends, Remember WENN was, IMHO, a “breath of fresh air.” Unlike most of today’s so-called “comedies” that slap you in the face with crude, obvious humor, it was often laugh-aloud funny, with sly in-jokes and clever and subtle double entendres, but took time as well to sketch brief, often touching character portraits of a regular or guest star.

The episodes also had a lush 1930’s look, achieved by shooting the show on 16 mm film, which was then color treated to look like a Technicolor film of that era. (It was then transferred to a digital image on a computer called an AVID system. The show was edited within the AVID system, and finally transfered to broadcast-size video tape for telecasting.) As an additional treat, there was no intrusive laugh track.

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