Songs That Sound Like Movies

Three CD set. English-born New Yorker Rupert Holmes may be best known for his hit singles ‘Escape (The Pina Colada Song)’ (1979) and ‘Him’ (1980), but several years prior to this, Rupert broke onto the music scene with three meticulously crafted albums for the Epic label in the space of two years. These albums were full of perfectly told stories of love, life and loss, and paved the way for Rupert’s ascendancy to the big time. These three albums are now available together in one package, fully endorsed by Rupert, and containing engrossing sleeve notes including a brand-new interview with Rupert himself. Contains an array of bonus tracks, many of which have never been heard before, and with an absolute exclusive and a must for fans – this package contains the first ever live recordings of Rupert Holmes ever released! All selected by the man himself! Contains the singles ‘Terminal’, ‘Talk’, ‘Our National Pastime’, ‘I Don’t Want To Hold Your Hand’, ‘Deco Lady’, ‘Weekend Lover’ and ‘Who, What, When, Where, Why’, plus rare alternative and live versions of a number of these. All material has been fully remastered, with audio being sourced from Rupert’s own private collection of master tapes wherever possible. Contains CD wallet replicas of the Epic albums, faithfully reproducing their original artwork.


Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Widescreen
2. Terminal
3. Second Saxophone
4. Phantom of the Opera
5. Talk
6. Bagdad
7. Our National Pastime
8. Letters That Cross in the
9. Mail
10. Soap Opera
11. Psycho Drama
12. Terminal (Single Edit)
13. Philly
14. Introduction: Terminal
15. Terminal (Live at the Bottom Line, NYC, 23/04/78)
16. Introduction: Widescreen
17. Widescreen (Live at the Bottom Line, NYC, 23/04/78)
18. Phantom of the Opera (Live at the Bottom Line, NYC, 23/04/78)

Disc: 2
1. Too Scared to Sing
2. Brass Knuckles
3. You Burned Yourself Out
4. Deco Lady
5. I Don’t Want to Hold Your Hand
6. Rifles and Rum
7. Studio Musician
8. Everything Gets Better When You’re Drunk
9. The Man Behind the Woman
10. The Place Where Failure Goes
11. Queen Bee
12. Love Out of Time
13. The One of Us
14. Lullaby for Myself
15. You Burned Yourself Out (Rehearsal, Brooklyn, 1975)
16. Queen Bee (Live at the Bijou Cafe, Philadelphia, 15/04/78)
17. Introduction: Studio Musician
18. Studio Musician (Live at the Bottom Line, NYC, 23/04/78)

Disc: 3
1. Who, What, When, Where, Why
2. Weekend Lover
3. I Don’t Want to Get Over You
4. You Make Me Real
5. Aw Shucks
6. The Last of the Romantics
7. For Beginners Only
8. Touch and Go
9. Annabella
10. Singles
11. Magic Trick

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