Where the Truth Lies

Cannes Nominated. Winner of Directors Guild of Canada & Genie Awards.

Where the Truth Lies is a 2005 British-Canadian erotic thriller film written and directed by Atom Egoyan. Based on Rupert Holmes’ 2003 novel of the same name, the film stars Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, and Alison Lohman.

The film alternates between 1957, when comedy duo Lanny Morris (Bacon) and Vince Collins (Firth) are at the height of their success, and 1972, when journalist Karen O’Connor (Lohman) is determined to unravel the mystery of a young woman found dead in their hotel suite 15 years before.

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Rupert Holmes admittedly patterned Vince and Lanny on his childhood idols, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, although the plot was pure fiction. Holmes called it a study of “the trust that must exist between any show business team who puts their lives in each other’s hands” and “what happens when they no longer trust each other.” Shortly after the novel was published, Holmes was asked who he envisioned playing the lead roles in a film adaptation. He suggested Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Kate Hudson, or Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller “and any actress in America who’s shorter than they are.” Tongue-in-cheek, he continued, “Or what about Kukla, Fran and Ollie? This is probably why I’m not a studio head.”[3]

Scenes in Vince’s home were filmed at the Stahl House in Los Angeles, while the Brantford Airport stood in for Newark International Airport. Other exteriors were filmed in Toronto, with interiors shot at Shepperton Studios in Surrey, England.

The film’s soundtrack includes “Josephine, Please No Lean on the Bell” performed by Louis Prima, “Spinning Wheel” by Blood, Sweat & Tears, “Oye Como Va” by Santana, and “Maggot Brain” by Funkadelic. “White Rabbit”, written by Grace Slick and originally recorded by Jefferson Airplane, is featured prominently in one scene, while “You Know, You Know” and “Sanctuary”, performed by Mahavishnu Orchestra, appear in the film’s most erotic sequence.

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Cast & Crew

  • Atom Egoyan – Director & Screenplay
  • Rupert Holmes – Novel
  • Kevin Bacon as Lanny Morris
  • Colin Firth as Vince Collins
  • Alison Lohman as Karen O’Connor
  • David Hayman as Reuben
  • Rachel Blanchard as Maureen O’Flaherty
  • Maury Chaykin as Sally Sanmarco
  • Sonja Bennett as Bonnie Trout
  • Kristin Adams as Alice