A Time To Kill

A New Courtroom Drama by Rupert Holmes

Carl Lee Hailey shot two men in the very courtroom where he now stands trial. But attorney Jake Brigance sees Hailey’s act of vengeance against the racist men who attacked his daughter as a desperate bid for justice, and he’s willing to risk everything to defend his client’s life. As the trial heats up, the community is torn apart in this gripping adaptation of John Grisham’s incendiary novel about race, crime, and family in small-town America that asks the question: when is it right to take justice into your own hands?

Rupert Holmes’ A Time to Kill made its stage debut at Washington D.C.’s Arena Stage and then moved to the John Golden Theatre on Broadway and is currently performed in many theatres throughout the country.

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"A thriller of the sort rarely seen on Broadway these days."
Bloomberg Review
"Mr Holmes...infuses the play with some crisp humor."
The New York Times
"There is no jury in this version--it's us."

Assoicated Press