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DC Theater Arts Review of “All Things Equal” – “The show is so moving it suspends us in belief she is still with us”

Excerpts from the D.C. Theater Arts review: “The late great Ruth Bader Ginsburg — channeled onstage with uncanny grace by Michelle Azar — had been talking to us, her enthralled audience, as though we each were a visiting new friend being welcomed into her life. She told us of her youth, her family, her education, her aspiration. She shared with us her smarts, her humor, her gumption, her warmth. But there came a point when she stopped. She seemed to be choking up, unable to speak, holding back a sob. As though on empathic cue, we in the packed theater fell silent too, for what seemed a forever caesura of breathlessness and concern. The iconic RBG before us was telling us about the time she learned that the cancer invading the body of her beloved husband Marty was incurable. She was telling us what the doctor told her: “It’s time to take him home.” And we saw her nearly lose it…Then we witnessed her go on.”

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